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Instagram & Chatbots

Instagram strictly prohibits the use of third-party software or automation tools that send mass messages or automate interactions on its platform.

Instagram Doesn’t allow Chatbots for DM’s



Instagram Prohibits 3rd Party Software

This includes using bots or software to send direct messages to multiple users at once. Such practices violate Instagram’s policies, and accounts found using automation or violating these policies are at risk of being penalized or even permanently banned. Here are Instagram’s policies on this matter.

Instagram’s policies are in place to maintain a fair and authentic user experience on the platform, prevent spam, and protect users from unwanted or unsolicited messages. Sending mass messages using third-party software can be seen as spammy behavior and is not allowed.

If you are using Instagram for marketing or outreach purposes, it’s essential to follow Instagram’s guidelines and use legitimate methods to engage with your audience. Manual and personalized interactions are the best approach to build genuine connections and avoid violating Instagram’s policies.


Instagram Best Practices

I must emphasize that using software or tools to send mass messages on Instagram is against Instagram’s policies. Instagram strictly prohibits the use of automation or bots for sending direct messages to multiple users at once.

Using any software that violates Instagram’s policies can lead to serious consequences, including account suspension or permanent banning. Instagram is vigilant about detecting and taking action against accounts that engage in spammy or automated behavior.

If you need to reach out to multiple users on Instagram, it is essential to do so manually and in a personalized manner. Sending mass messages using software not only goes against the platform’s policies but can also harm your reputation and relationships with other users.

To engage with your audience or connect with others on Instagram, consider using the platform’s built-in features, such as comments, direct messages (individually), stories, and engaging with posts in a genuine and authentic way. This approach will help you build meaningful connections and maintain a positive presence on the platform without violating any rules.



Sending Personalized Messages via Instagram DM’s or via Stories is the best approach. This does require a lot of work. Finding the right profiles, sending the message, following up, etc. Our process has a high conversion rate and is very effective.

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